Agile Developer release03

This Release Contains below mentioned Enhancements and Fixes

  1. On form load, by default checklist is selecting some value, but there is no expression for that field.
  2. in iviews, if user is defining any action as ‘print form’ and try to download the excel, after that if user is performing any action session is getting expired.
  3. For grid dc rows edit option is not present to edit the details.
  4. Open any form (example – sales order), enter items in Item Particular tab and goto summary tab Observe that it is not displaying values.
  5. In Mobile – Open sales Order & Purchase Order, enter more than one item and click on next Observe that it is throwing error “Disc type cannot be empty. Rowno:1” because of that record is not saving
  6. In mobile – Open Purchase Requisition, and enter item in grid and click on save and observe that items in grid are not saving
  7. In Mobile,Open any From (Sales Order), add an item and click on (+) button and Observe that in grid, Data is not displaying properly(data mismatching)
  8. In Mobile, Open any From (Sales Order) Click on New and Goto Item particulars Tab and Observe that it is displaying duplicate (+) and Clear buttons .
  9. In Mobile-> Open Goods Receipt Note, Direct sales & direct purchase-> Load record from Listview -> Goto Item Tab and Observe that it is not displaying fields. Sales Invoice -> load record from listview and goto Delivery challan tab & Item Particulars tab it is not displaying fields
  10. 1.If we load saved records from list view then grid dc is showing blank ,it should display data in rows .2.Summary grid values are not showing in fields .
  11. From search if we search record and load the transaction then check in grid dc 2-3 time add button and clear data button is showing .
  12. While entering data in grid dc then some of the fields are not showing ,but if we click on add button then all fields are showing in grid rows . ( value and net value are not displaying).
  13. From grid dc if we click on rows then rows are becoming read only and one extra row is getting added.
  14. From list view if we click on NEW button then page is not getting refreshed and fields are showing read only .

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