Agile Developer release07

This Release Contains below mentioned Features, Enhancements and Fixes


  1. Now you can view the mobile reports into Tabular view.
    For more details refer |Mobile Reports as Table.
  2. Provide Column Separator option in iviews.
    for more details refer |Column Separator for Reports

Bug Fixes

  1. All the clear cached keys are showing in In-Memory Db page.
  2. If any page is set as ‘default home page’ and if user make any changes in page properties then after saving and publishing the page,homepage is not showing.
  3. In Multi-select, Check List, special characters are replaced with html tags.
  4. After clearing keys from in-memory db page, if user again goto in-memory db page then deleted records are showing with 0 keys, and if user try to clear that it is throwing “No Keys Selected”.

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