Agile Developer release02

The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

  • Drill down report is not working if any contain & values (High Priority) Agile ERP Using Custom UI, the drill-down reports is not working if param value contains “&”.
  • Charts tab unable to open – Iview with parameters -> ‘charts’ tab is not working, unable to open chart tab.
  • Iview params value showing wrong – Iview with parameters -> If any iview is having params then after creating tab, the user navigates through the tab then params value is showing wrong for created tab.
  • Filter in the main view – In one view if two filters are created then if a user opens the main view tab, then in the main view also its showing one filter, but in the main view filters are not created.
  • 10.9_release2-iviews filter – if the filter is set between numbers, it’s not filtering the records (even if a user is selecting the filter from the filters list, it is not selecting the filter).
  • 10.9_release2-iviews -> existing view changes saving – Iview with parameters ->In existing view, if any changes are done, the user is trying to save view then it’s not saving an existing view, it asking for to create a new view.
  • Loader Not available – Agile ERP – Agile ERPLoader not available in General Ledger Report – Agile ERP. After some time, data loading.
  • Data not showing general ledger report – Agbizdev > In general ledger report data is not showing.
  • Getcell function is not working in Iviews – Agile BizGetcell function is not working in Iviews. this is working fine up to the 10.8 version.
  • Capture image not saving in file server path.
  • Second-time link/button click not working for below scenarios: 1. tstruct/iview open as popup with on dbclick action.2. open iview as a popup using the action button
  • SmartView New Changes: Charts Tab, New Tab, Old Toolbar in new iview, filter fixes
    ○ Charts
    ▪ New Charts tab will come next to the main tab
    ▪ These tabs will show all charts one below other
    ○ Tabbed Views
    ▪ New way of adding tabs
    ▪ This button will be available at the end of all tabs
    ▪ On click will open a popup to select fields file caption, params, filters, grouping, sorting, subtotals etc
    ○ Filter Changes
    ▪ filter for a numeric column as “From 1000.00”. It did not filter
    ▪ Grand total should not be sorted. it should always come at the bottom
    ○ Enabling Old Toolbar UI in new iview from 10.9
    ▪ Configuration
    § New Iview Button UI can be changed by using Developer Option key “Iview Button Style” with Property Code as “Iview Button Style” with Values as “Old”(New) / “Modern”(Existing) / “Classic”(Existing).
  • Notification Features in CustomPages(High Priority) Agile BizNotification feature is missing using AgileBizMainPage.html in the custom pages.
  • Issue Description: 1. When we click on the okta login button, the screen is getting refreshed.2. Observed that there is a hardcoded URL: “” in sso.js file axOktaSessionInit() method.
    ○ Note: Should enable below key in web. config and give a value of oktadomain.
    ▪ Key: <add key=”ssooktadomain” value=””/>[value ex.: ““].
  • As part of application performance, the following points/changes have been done.
    a.     Redis open/close connection as and when required.
    b.     Avoided web service calls for destroying tstruct/iview object by doing the same operation on page postback.
    c.     Response. Redirect — has been handled properly.
    d.     Concurrent user check avoided for unlimited user licenses.
    e.     web. config — execution timeout attribute should add and value is 5 mins.
    ○ Note: As part of performance improvement added execution timeout by default 5 mints in the web. config.
  • Invalid parameter issue on Actions & Remove button clicks.
  • AXPERT 10.5 EXE version workflow approval not working for a customer.
  • Iview and TStruct Delete Data Object Webservice is calling 2 times
  • In the global parameter screen, if breadcrumb is enabled then it is throwing console error “Uncaught ReferenceError: breadcrumbStr is not defined”.


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