Agile Developer release04






This Release Contains below mentioned Enhancements and Fixes

1. Security Enhancements:

  • Cross Site Scripting

Cross Site Scripting to be handeled in Tstructs and Global Params

  • Weak Password Policy
    • Axpert Application property(Minimum number of password characters) must be set as per requirement.
    • Special Character check to be added in Change password web page as per desktop property


Axpert Application property(Password must contain alphanumeric characters) should be enabled.

  • Security Misconfiguration

ISS Version Disclosure Fix(Available since 10.3 version for IIS10(recommended))

<httpRuntime enableVersionHeader=”false” />

Workaround for lower IIS versions:

Following code to be added in Global.asax, if this did not work then implement second option as per suggested by Microsoft:

protected void Application_PreSendRequestHeaders()
       Response.Headers.Set("Server", "AgileLabs");
       Response.Headers.Remove("X-AspNet-Version"); //alternative to above solution
       Response.Headers.Remove("X-AspNetMvc-Version"); //alternative to above solution
  1. Multi select Parameter in Iview is not displaying properly. Based on display value its assigning the parameter length.
  2. On attachment, choose file is not allowing me to browse from the device files.
  3. From pop up grid there is no option to confirm the selected rows.
  4. On load on transaction, grid is showing empty rows and one actual is missing with data.
  5. Checkbox should display on left side .2.If we select any checkbox then data is not showing properly ,it should display in aligned manner .
  6. Open any report (Sales report),Observe that Check box in record is not displaying in center.
  7. In mobile, Login to application, click on menu icon and observe that space is displaying at top of menu.
  8. In Mobile, Open any form (Purchase Order) and Goto Item particular tab Click on Fill button and Observe that pop-up is not displaying completely (Cancel and Close buttons are not displaying).
  9. Logout & session expire confirm popup not displaying properly .
  10. In mobile, Open Purchase Order,Click on Fill From PR -> Observe that in Pop-Up there is no horizontal scroll bar.
  11. In Mobile, Open any Form which is having Attach option (example – Sales order) click on Attach button -> click on choose File it is not working.