Agile Developer release16


The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 Iview-Options – Agile BizIn Any Iview Which is having Actions – when we click on Pin button on Action, it is doing operation first then it is adding in header. But when we re-open same report and check, it is not saving in header.
2 Iview evaluation expression is not working – Agile ERPIview evaluate expression is not working properly.
3 Requirement in views – 1.while creating view , on popup give ‘save’ button instead of ‘OK’ button .Automatically the view should get saved . 2.Remove save view option (from data option). 3.If we delete all views, then do not show add view ‘+’ button.
4 Requirement -> view name with space – 1.While creating view -> it should accept view name with space.
5 View name should given by default – While creating view, default view name to be given with read only/given field to enter or change to view caption.
6 Column row sorting – After selecting columns for a particular user, it’s not filtering based on user.
7 Changes related to server based license.

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