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Work flow

Work flows are enabled at the tstruct/form level. This property is available in form properties. The forms for which work flow is enabled are listed in work flow definition screen. Select the form and click on the New Work flow button.
Agile developer lowcode Work Flow

A form can have multiple workflows. A condition should be set for each workflow definition. This is mandatory if there is more than one workflow for a form. There can be only one workflow for a form without any condition. The condition can be set by clicking on the “Click here to add a condition” as shown below.

Agile developer lowcode Work Flow

Add the required condition using the field name and click on “OK” to save.

Agile developer lowcode Work Flow

There are roles against which conditions are set at each level. The rights of the role, max time to respond, and action to do in case of inaction are set.

Agile developer lowcode Work Flow

When a transaction is created for the first time in run time, it is sent for approval to the role given in level 1 in the workflow definition. For example, if the purchase order value is between 5000 to 10000 the approval request should be sent to the CFO.

Agile developer lowcode Work Flow

If there is more than one workflow for this form, the workflow to be used is selected based on the given condition. On approval at a level, it is sent to the role in the next level till the last level is reached. Once the last level approves, the transaction data is marked as Approved. For example, if approval is required from PM and CFO for purchase orders of more than 10,000, the request will be sent to PM which should be forwarded to the CFO.

Agile developer lowcode Work Flow

There may be more than one user in each role. For example, there may be many managers, project managers, etc in an organization. When data is sent to a role for approval, it is sent to all users who have the same role. For example, if an approval request is sent to PM, then all users who are PMs will receive the request. Instead, the data should be sent only to a particular user in that role-based. For example, a leave application may need to be sent only to the manager of the branch to which the employee is attached. Then use the identifier “Custom” in the workflow.

Custom Workflow

Create an application variable called m_workflow.
Define the field m_workflow in your tstruct and provide the query as per your business requirement in the expression set. The mode of entry is calculate.
Define a field to obtain “reporting to” person details, Mode of entry is accept.
Define a field called viewfilter through this field you are going to filter the accessibility in the list view level itself.The mode of entry is calculate.

Agile developer lowcode Work Flow

The exact user’s name may be got using an SQL statement. The role that is selected in the workflow level will be available in the role variable. This may be used as a parameter in the SQL. The SQL to be used to get the user’s name should be assigned to the variable named ”’m_workflow”’. This can be done in a script that is set in “On approve” or “On reject” or “On form load” event. Additionally, the status of the transaction in the prior level will be available in the ”wf_status” variable.

The wf_status will contain the following values:

  • Approved -Final approval
  • Created
  • Rejected
  • Review
  • Approve – when approved in prior level.
  • Return

Set the next level of approval to wf_applevel variable in script to override the flow. Whatever level is set in this variable will be used as the next approval level.