Agile Developer release13


This Release Contains below mentioned Enhancements and Fixes

  1. In Test result Entry Screen , After Saving Screen getting Hang.
  2. In Grid , While click Middle column, default cursor goes to first Column, user has to click second time . Every time user has to double click. it is very difficult.
  3. Export to excel is not working with multi selection parameter, when more than 1 params are selected in the multi selection option window.
  4. If the iview has Hyperlink, After open hyper link reports , Back to main report ,again parameter getting refresh, Again we need to set parameter. user has face very difficult. 9.6 it is working fine
  5. In mobile hybrid app IOS Alignment and scroll is not proper. save and cancel buttons are not within frame and scroll is not available in iviews.
  6. for any tstruct, by default listview header is showing in Purple color. it should be based on theme.

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