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Create Fields

Once a DC is created, you can start creating fields by selecting from the available options under the New. Select the field type as per need. Most field types are self-explanatory. The advanced fields like table fields & the form elements will be described in later sections.


If you want to display additional details about the field with instructions, use the Purpose/Help Text option in the dev site.

Help text appears as a ? in the field name area as shown on the run time.

Save a tstruct

Once your form elements are created, Click on the Save button in the top toolbar. This will save the tstruct and will be available at run time. After Save, use the Form Design option to design the form. The Form Design need not be done if a tstruct is not published as a form to the user.



Try Out

In the Employee details DC you have created, Add fields like Employee Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Age, Qualification. Pick suitable field types and create them, Save the form after completion.

See it working

Login to using the given credentials. The form will be automatically added to the menu. Click on it, and see it working. Axpert manages all the functionality related to the saving, listing, searching, editing & deleting data in the form.