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Tracking changes/Audit trial

Tick the track changes property in form properties. The tracking can be enabled user wise or field wise too. If tracking changes is enabled user wise, the changes done by only selected users are tracked. Similarly, the changes done to only selected fields can be enabled.
Track changes in all fields
Agile developer lowcode Tracking Changes
Track changes in selected fields
Agile developer lowcode Selected Fields

The changes are stored in the history table. The name of the table is <TransId>History. For example, if the name of the tstruct (transid) is ‘empm’, the history table name will be empmhistory. This table can be used to show the history of changes and reports. It may also be accessed through the history button in tstruct forms in run time.

Load the entries in the employee form. Choose the respective entry to make changes. Apply the changes by clicking on submit.
Go to view history option in the run site.
Agile developer lowcode View History
Find the trail as shown below
Agile developer lowcode Trail