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SSO Authentication

SSO authentications are inbuilt in the AxpertWeb with followings such as OKTA, Office365, Google Account & FaceBook. Users can choose multiple SSO Authentications based on requirements.


  1. Should be registered Client ID from each SSO in their developer sites examples given individually.
  2. Should be enabled below keys in web.config file in the webcode.
    1. ssologin : okta,office365,google,facebook
      Ex: <add key="ssologin" value="okta,office365,google,facebook"/>
    2. ssoclientKey : oktaClientiId,office365ClientId,googleClientId,facebookClientID
      Ex:<add key="ssoclientKey" value="0oacsbt8oZl24CEmQ4x6,bfff8cad-3c1c-4c14-9499-2423c724f3b7,,252601612604428"/>
    3. ssoclientsecretKey : Client Secret Id have the google and facebook only and below is the example.
      Ex: <add key="ssoclientsecretKey" value=",,ChzG0QxESuMZkQ--mStkSj9z,2bdba09e6ba0e2f47225487344153b59"/>
    4. ssoredirecturl : This is basically redirect URL after SSO authentication
      Ex: <add key="ssoredirecturl" value=""/>


1. Goto 2. Create Application

Agile developer lowcode OKTA

3. Web Application

Agile developer lowcode Web Application

4. Enter application name, Base URL, Login redirect URLs, Logout Redirect URLS

Agile developer lowcode OKTA

Agile developer lowcode OKTA

5. API — Trusted Origins

Agile developer lowcode API

6. Users –> Add Person

Agile developer lowcode OKTA

7. Copy Client ID and add the same in web.config

Agile developer lowcode API

8. OKTA will not give a popup window to enter username & password, so in this case username & password has to enter as normal login. but for other SSO login will show the popup there has to be enter the username and password.

Agile developer lowcode API


1. Goto

Agile developer lowcode Office365

2. Select Azure Active Directory Service.

Agile developer lowcode Azure Active

3. Choose App Registrations –> New Registration

Agile developer lowcode New Registration

4. Enter application name & Choose Supported Account Type

Agile developer lowcode Application

5. Choose redirect URL type as Web & enter the redirect URL

Agile developer lowcode Redirect

6. Copy Client ID and add in web.config

Agile developer lowcode Client ID

Google Account

1. Goto

2. Login / Signup with Google account

3. Create New project

Agile developer lowcode New Project

4. Credentials –> Create Credentials

Agile developer lowcode New Project

5. Choose OAuth client ID

Agile developer lowcode Client ID

6. Configure consent screen

Agile developer lowcode Configure consent

7. Choose Internal / External

Agile developer lowcode Internal

8. Application Name, logo, email, add scope if required more, application home page url and Save

Agile developer lowcode API

9. Select Credentials — > Create Credentials –> OAuth client ID –> Select Application Type as Web Application

Agile developer lowcode Web Application

10. Add URIs & Authorised redirect URIs and Save

Agile developer lowcode Web Application

11. add these Client ID and Secret key in web.config

Agile developer lowcode Web Application


1. Goto

2. Login/ SingUp with facebook

3. Create App in My Apps

4. Enter app name, email id and click on create app id

Agile developer lowcode Facebook

5. Set Up facebook login.

Agile developer lowcode Facebook

6. Choose WEB and give Site URL and save and continue

Agile developer lowcode Facebook

7. FaceBook login settings –> Enable Embedded Browser OAuth Login & give a valid OAuth Redirect URIs and Save Changes.

Agile developer lowcode Facebook

8. Settings –> Basic –> Copy App ID & App Secret keys and add in web.config in the webcode

Agile developer lowcode Facebook

9. My Permissions and Features –> Email & Default — in case the app does not work these permissions should be enabled.

Agile developer lowcode Facebook