Agile Developer release12


The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 Custom HTML Plugins in 10.9′Configuration :

  • Table Changes:
    • Add a column “websubtype” in “axpages” table.
      • Query : alter table axpages add websubtype varchar(15)
  • TimeStamp and query variable generation :
    • <<timestamp>>
      • Use; in browser console.
      • Example : “1615014435671”
    • <<name>>
      • For the field “name” use <<timestamp>> value, and prefix it with ‘HP’
      • Example: “HP1615014435671”
    • <<caption.>>
      • Provide a name to be available as a menu item entry.
      • Example : “Axpert Demo”
    • <<props>>
      • For filed “props” the value will be htmlPages.aspx?load=<<timestamp>> value
      • Example : “htmlPages.aspx?load=1615014435671”
    • <<createdby>> and <<updatedby>>
      • username of the logged in user
      • Example : “admin”
  • Insert a record in axpages table:
    • Example Query for Postgresql DB
      • insert into axpages (name, caption, props, blobno, visible, type, ordno, levelno, updatedon, createdon, createdby, updatedby, pagetype, websubtype) values (‘HP1615014435671′,’Axpert Demo’, ‘htmlPages.aspx?load=1615014435671’, 1, ‘T’, ‘p’, (Select count(*)+1 from axpages),0, (SELECT TO_CHAR(NOW() :: DATE, ‘dd/mm/yyyy’)), (SELECT TO_CHAR(NOW() :: DATE, ‘dd/mm/yyyy’)), ‘admin’, ‘admin’,’web’,’htmlpage’)
  • HTMLPages folder creation:
    • HTMLPages Folder :
      • Create a “HTMLPages” folder inside <<project_name>> folder in web root
      • Example Path : “..\<<project_name>>\HTMLPages”
    • Css Folder :
      • Create “Css” folders accordingly inside “HTMLPages” folder
      • Example Path : “..\<<project_name>>\HTMLPages\Css”
    • Js Folder :
      • Create “Js” folders accordingly inside “HTMLPages” folder
      • Example Path : “..\<<project_name>>\HTMLPages\Js”
    • Images Folder :
      • Create “Images” folders accordingly inside “HTMLPages” folder
      • Example Path : “..\<<project_name>>\HTMLPages\Images
  • Generating valid files and their respective paths :
    • HTML :
      • Filename should be like “<<caption.>>_<<timestamp>>.html”
      • Note 1 : if <<caption.>> contains space then replace it with underscore (_)
      • Note 2 : “Css”, “Js”, “Images” files to be referred from the above-created folders respectively.
      • Example : “Axpert_Demo_1615014435671.html”
      • Example Path : “..\<<project_name>>\HTMLPages\Axpert_Demo_1615014435671.html”
2 Search option required in Multi-select parameter field in Web instance.
3 Sub Total Comma (,) Separation issue. Data load is working fine but when exported to excel then the comma is not visible.
4 Chart in I view – If there is a comma separation, Amount is not showing full value.
5 Every Report, parameters are not getting refreshed in Preview-pdf on the web.
6 IVIEWS-> after creating the views, if the user loads the view, view/tab not showing. After creating views/tabs if we load the same iview then created views are not showing, once the in-memory DB is cleared then only it is showing.
7 Import Data through utilities are not getting imported as expected.
8 Parameter has to be selected twice else the report will not filter based on parameter.
9 1. Click ‘Attachment’ and choose the file and attach it.
2. Again, for the second attachment, when we click the attachment to add a new row from the drop-down, then the drop-down is showing on the other side.
10 In Chrome, there is a column alignment issue while zooming out the screen below 75%.
11 Recently migrated from 10.7 to 10.8 on production (a few weeks back) and facing issues when the user tries to login with multiple browser tabs or windows. When logged in with the same user login in a different browser window without logging out the previous window, it behaves a little weird.
1. The new instance starts giving an error when accessing any tstruct or iview.
2. We do not get any alert on login, saying the user is already logged in.
3. The landing structure is also not reflecting properly as per advanced settings for the second instance.

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