Agile Developer release18


The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 A new Feature has been added as EXECUTION TRACE in Application Settings. This feature will trace the execution of an option from java script to java script, which can be used to analyze the issues related to different errors/performance at different layers as client/server/dll levels. In each layer the request and response string will be shown along with cumulative time taken.Note: Below table should be created in the DB.

  • Postgre:CREATE TABLE axp_webtrace( username varchar(50),sessionid varchar(50),datetime timestamp, logtext text)
  • Oracle:CREATE TABLE axp_webtrace( username varchar(50),sessionid varchar(50),datetime timestamp,logtext clob)
2 Need an update to attach the .msg format files in header and grid. These are mail format files of Outlook.
3 Excel export column alignment should be based on column definition.
4 Tstruct structure level formload caching logic withdrawn as it is handled through developer option and global parameter and values.

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