The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

  1. SSO SAML Authentication incorporated in our axpert system.
  2. Steps to Enable SAML SSO:

    Need to add/Enable below web.config keys.
    <add key="SamlPartnerIdP" value=""/ >
    <add key="ssologin" value=""/>
    <add key="ssoredirecturl" value=""/>


    <add key="SamlPartnerIdP" value="https://sts.windows.net/0b1513a2-8f4d-4478-ab27-28da7a534984/"/>
    [After add application in Azure AD portal it will generate 'Azure AD Identifier' url that need to be copied ]
    <add key="ssologin" value="saml"/>
    <add key="ssoredirecturl" value="http://demo.agile-labs.com/"/>

    ServiceProvider and PartnerIdentityProviders need to change in saml.config file
    ServicePro​vider Name: Identifier (Entity ID)
    AssertionConsumerServiceUrl: Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)
    PartnerIdentityProvider Name: Azure AD Identifier URL
    SingleSignOnServiceUrl: Login URL from Azure AD portal
    SingleLogoutServiceUrl: Logout URL from Azure AD portal
    Certificate FileName: Certificate name needs to be mentioned. The same can be downloaded from the Azure AD portal and copied to the Saml_Certificates folder in web code.

  3. Project title can be changed by adding application variable/parameter.
    Variable/Parameter Name: axp_projectcaption
  4. Excel Export is not working for 20 thousand records.
  5. Canceled Remarks not displayed in Cancelled transaction View History.
  6. Default Empty Row is inserted as the first row along with selected records in the fill grid popup. In case of fill grid condition is Append rows to the grid.
  7. Selected rows are being displayed in the multi-selected fill grid popup.
  8. View history throws “Oops” error when the transaction is canceled.
  9. Select field values are deleted on-field focus out.
  10. Multi-select fill grid popup data table sorting not operating on date field value
  11. Attachments do not work if map password has special character(“&”)