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Users, roles & responsibilities

User logins, roles and responsibilities can be created in Axpert run time. These options are available in Admin console.Create responsibilities by giving a name. Tick the menu options to which this responsibility has access. Click on the hyper link of any tstruct or iview to provide field level access rights. The access rights can be provided for fields & buttons.

Create roles and assign one or more responsibilities. The home page for a role may be changed to point to a custom HTML page. The access rights defined in all responsibilities are allowed for the user.

Users are assigned roles. The role assignment may optionally be done between 2 dates. The menu will be dynamically generated based on the access rights of the roles assigned to the user. The branch to which a user belongs may be selected. Similarly, the locations to which the user has access are also assigned. The data is filtered to show only data related to their branch and location.