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Application variables & Parameters

Application variables are values that are available to a user in the application. Application variables can be added by defining the variable name and variable value. The variable value may be a constant value. Data from the database may be read and assigned to these vars. Use FireSQL & SQLGet functions in the script. One or more application parameters can be defined. The values for these parameters will be accepted by the user after login.
Parameters can be defined in the Utility section

Agile developer lowcode Parameters

The param window can be accessed from the right top in the run site.

Agile developer lowcode Parameters

Find the global parameters in the run site by clicking in the edit button as shown in image above

Agile developer lowcode Parameters

To define application variables/parameters click on the option available in the Utility section and insert appropriate values. For example, Select a particular company name from the table.

Agile developer lowcode Parameters

Default values can be set as shown below

Agile developer lowcode Parameters

The following are the list of default application variables:

  1. Username – Logged in user name
  2. Userrole – logged user roles, comma separated role names
  3. Connectionname – name of the connected schema.
  4. Axp_language – selected language.
  5. Axp_timezone – time zone from of the server.
  6. Siteno – This contains the logged-in site no. This is useful only in case of multi-site deployments with data synchronization.