Agile Developer release17

The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 In Iview Tasks, excel download is coming without border.
2 Issue Description: While we login into Axpert developer, sometimes the session is getting expired automatically until the Axpert web is opened.
3 I & A Excel export is generating exponential number for a character column.
4 Single window login concept incorporated in our Axpert system.Note:

  • Below web.config key should enable and give LDAP domain name in the value.
    • <add key=”ssowindowsdomain” value=””/>
    • E.g: <add key=”ssowindowsdomain” value=””/>
  • Below web.config already exists and this also should enable and give value in windows.
    • <add key=”ssologin” value=”windows”/>
  • LDAP authentication will work only within the network or intranet or connect VPN and user windows login.
  • The user should log in as a domain user in the system.
  • All or Required LDAP Users should be created in Axpert logins as well.
5 The parameter window in the mobile or tablet should be with more height. The parameters are more comfortable up to the device screen size. Unless it is exceeding, the scroll bar should not be visible.
6 View Execution trace is not visible in the AgileCloud Custom Main Page HTML