Agile Developer


The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

  • Refresh button introduced in toolbar to refresh the IViews.
  • An option to save the I-View/Report Data as JSON or other format is introduced
  • Save as HTML option is required in Iview
  • Enhancement – Alternate row colour change in iView.
    Note: Please add a new key in Developer Options(Advance Settings) as mentioned below.
    Property: Striped Reports UI
    property Code: Striped Reports UI
    Property Value: true/false
    Form/Report: All Reports / Single Report
  • In Fill grid displays only 10 records by default with pagination. Request for a configuration to remove pagination to see all records at once.
    Note: Pagination dropdown values are 100,500 & All.
  • Attachments are not working. Issue: File upload does not work if there are special characters like single quote in filename.
  • Instead of plain table, added table borders in grid dc table to make consistent UI.
  • Cash invoice generates duplicate record after save
  • Sessions are not flushed out from redis and throws an error “connections exhausted” frequently. It could be due to network issues as per customer.
    Note: If the session is disconnected due to a network issue/IIS Reset, it will be reset after 20minutes. If IIS Reset is done manually, Existing Redis keys for a license needs to be cleared manually, else it will take 20 minutes to clear)(DLL Fix)
  • In any grid, for data entry the user needs to click on the row to set the focus and by default it is disabled. The project is migrated from 9. x and the user want the old way of data entry, to directly start entering after tabbing out from the header.