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Import Data

The import data option is available under Utilities in the right hand corner of Axpert. Using import, data can be imported into forms in Axpert from Excel or CSV files.

How to Importing Data

1. click Utilities > Import Data. The import data window appears.

Agile developer lowcode Importdata

2. Select the form, to which data need to be imported.

3. select the fields to be imported in the imported template.

4. Download the template in Excel or CSV format.

Agile developer lowcode Importdata

5. Upload the file.

6. check the box File contain header checkbox, if your file is having header.

7. Select the separator if you are importing data using CSV file.

8. In group by, you can select the unique key if you are importing the data in grid frames.

9. click on Next button, it will show you summary page.

Agile developer lowcode Importdata

10. click Next, data will be imported in the targeted forms.

NOTE: if you are facing any problem in importing data then it will generate summary report.