Agile Developer release02

This Release Contains below mentioned Features, Enhancements and Fixes


1. provide an option to increase Webservice Timeout if you have to deal with large number of data.

For more details refer | Web-Service Timeout.

Bug Fixes

  1. If DeleteDCRows is set to False in dc property, then fillgrid is not filling the data as per the mapping fields.
  2. If any columns are made hidden through Web Design Mode,then fill grid is not filling the data properly in the mapped columns.
  3. In Grid attachment, different transactions has same attachments file name then while loading the transactions showing latest attachment in all the transactions.
  4. Inline grid option should be enabled in mobile(hybrid app) as in web.
  5. In hybrid app not able to enter values in iview parameters.
  6. In nongrid attachment if user is attaching any short file name then not able to attach more than one file.
  7. If any tstruct is having nongrid attachment file then while loading record from listview it is throwing error message “Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [id^=Link_000F1_3243545axprops (1) (1)]”.
  8. While filling data(attachment files) from fillgrid it is showing all the file names, it should show the filename based on new UI. if file are more than one then it should show the numbers of files with hyperlink.
  9. If user is attaching file which is having long file name then while attaching the file it is not closing the upload popup. And if number of files are more than one then not able to see the attached file name, but files are getting attached.
  10. After loading record from listview if user is deleting the file then file is not removing from the fileserver.
  11. Global parameter is not showing any fields.
  12. For MD5 forgot password is not working, in DB it is storing null value in password field.
  13. Tstruct caching is not working properly.
  14. In pop-up grid after entering all the details if user is trying to close the pop-up or click outside then rows are getting added and not able to close the pop-up also.
  15. If iview parameter is having picklist then on mouse hover picklist field name is showing instead of caption name.
  16. If user click on ‘1+’ symbol then file name popup cursor is showing into next field .File name popup UI should be proper.
  17. For fields which is having numeric datatype , alignment should be on right side of the field .Currently if focus is there then only data is showing on right side , if user clicks outside the field then again value is showing on left side.
  18. For 3-4 rows if user is changing the checkbox value from ‘YES to NO ‘ and from ‘NO to YES ‘ then for all fields data is not updating.
  19. In grid unable to add data through fillgrid its showing error “Invalid input detected, Please try again.”,if user is performing clear data or save action then also its showing error.
  20. If user is selecting any workflow action then on opened comments popup ‘Comments’ text is not showing, On opened comments popup, all text is showing italic font.
  21. In Workflow, If user clicks on workflow action button and after that clicking on view history message box then opened popup is showing as disabled on header History text not showing and history is also not showing .
  22. In Workflow, On comments popup unable to enter new comments, and the ‘Approve’ text which is showing by default -> unable to clear the text by backspace.
  23. Three level workflow, While approving the request if user clicking on ‘L1’ dropdown action then dropdown is showing under the ‘L3’ action button .It should display under L1 action button.
  24. In Iview Print ,PDF & Excel -> For any column data is not there then next column data is showing in that column(which is blank column) .So data is mismatching , data is not showing in respective columns.
  25. Iview Parameter value is not getting listed based on previous parameter value.