Agile Developer release11


The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 Navigation(Back) button can hide/show through developer options.
Developer Option key:
Property code: ‘General’
Property name: ‘Show Navigation Button’
Property value: ‘true’ / ‘false’
User Role: Can be All or Role wise
2 Updated data not refreshing in in-memroy(redis) on the click of refresh button in autocomplete.
3 Axpert DRC – After the print preview comes in the hybrid app, the New/Clear Form action won’t work. Every time we need to do back and click on new, but on the web, it works fine.
4 Axpert DRC Hybrid App: In the grid, the Amount field is not getting calculated, it is showing zero from the 2nd row onwards. On the web, it is calculating properly.
5 Second subhead is not showing if two subtotals are enabled.
6 Excel export is not happening if iview contains tab character(\t).
7 Pivot option in Iview – Pivot columns are not showing properly on the web. Pivot report, numeric column alignment is not showing right to left.
8 Iview pivot group caption issue – Pivot group caption is not displaying on the web. Search for Statement of Financial Position report.
9 UI changes for highlighting DC Title and Content.
10 Avoided attachment load check-in web code during load data if the tstruct attachment property is false.
11 Import into the grid: Rows can be successfully imported into the grid through csv but while saving it is taking row count as 0 so unable to save the record.

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