Agile Developer release05


This Release Contains below mentioned Enhancements and Fixes

  1. Not able to save Sales Invoice as in Sales Invoice form delivery challan drop down list is not displaying.
  2. read only option is not working if field is pick list(in Grid DC).
  3. In Purchase Order Form the Set focus is not working in Web and in desktop it is working.
  4. In User Login form click on Fill Locations and select all locations and observe that only few locations only selected and remaining are not filling means empty.
  5. Set carry option is not working in Axpert Web.
  6. Login with Purchase manager and Observe that in My Task it is showing “Invalid select statement”
  7. Open any Form (City), Click on List view and scroll .Observe that Header is not in Freeze state, it is moving along with records.
  8. If user click on clear button of an Iview which is having date field as params it is displaying “invalid input syntax for type timestamp” In Desktop for params window there is only OK button.

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