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Home Page Customization

Home Page Customization

The home page means the landing page that is shown in the client area beside the menu and below the title bar. Custom home pages can be set for every user role. The custom home page can be made in a HTML file and stored in under webcode root folder\<ProjectName>\aspx folder. The <projectname> is the name of the project or app name. For example, if we create a file called MyPage.HTML.This can be set in Axpert by following the steps below:

  1. Create a folder under web code root folder with the project/app name. For example if you are working on an app called demo, the folder name should be demo. Create a folder named aspx under demo.
  2. Copy your HTML file into this folder.
  3. Go to advanced settings or developer options.
  4. Set a new configuration as below
    1. PropertyName = LandingStructure
    2. PropertyValue = General
    3. PropertyAttribute = MyPage.HTML
    4. RoleName = All or any particular role that you want.
  5. Save the configuration and see it working.

The HTML can be set user-wise or role-wise or for all.


A home page that is looking as below


Can look like something like this.



Notes on custom HTML

Include this reference to get app level css settings


In this example, the following AJAX calls to Axpert are made

  • To get global variables.
  • To load a tstruct form
  • To load an iview.
  • To save data to a tstruct.

The sample code for calling them are given below

Sample code for opening a tstruct named “reims”.


Sample code for getting global variable values


Sample code for opening an Iview


Sample code for saving data