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Axpert Jobs are defined to run scheduled background jobs. Background jobs can be configured to run on a specific day or in specified time intervals. Use the Axpert Jobs option in the Axpert Developer site to create an Axpert Job. The function that is to be performed by a job is defined as a script.Scripts can be used to

And much more…

All these functionalities are available as Axpert functions. Refer to the General functions section on Scripts page to understand more on this topic.

Axpert Repost Jobs

Select the schema or app name from the list in the application, then click on “Do repost” to update the axpert jobs.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Repost

This will execute the job that is defined in the job definition table and generate the data according to the definition. A message “completed” appears after a successful repost.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Repost

A job is created and pushed into redis, if the job is being executed for the first time.
NOTE: We provide Redis information in the config.ini file, which is where the data is retrieved and connected to the specific project. The project table’s information is retrieved and then pushed into Redis.

In DBeaver, open the schema which is to be reposted. Check the number of jobs being executed. These jobs will be reposted with the click of a button in Axpert repost jobs exe.

For example, axdef_jobs table will display the number of axpert jobs that are defined and executed in the schema. The current example has 9 jobs in total.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Repost

You can now traverse to the Redis prompt and check for the executed jobs by using the keys * command. This will display the list of jobs as shown below.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Repost

To avoid missing scheduled jobs in the system a backup of the details of the axpert job can be taken. Choose the backup option on the right and click on “Do Backup” on Axpert repost jobs.exe.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Repost

Whenever a job is created a record is inserted into axrediskeys table. First, the axpert jobs are created and go through the record set in the table. The job name from the table is matched with the axrediskeys table values.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Repost

If the Redis key name is present, then the rediskeyname and rediskeyval are pushed into Redis. A backup of this entry is stored on Redis.