Agile Developer release24

The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

  • Multiselect- On Selecting all values Parameter String should show ‘All’ instead of listing all values. 
  • On Excel export form web, columns width alignment not as per the report alignment. 
  • Multiselect parameter values are not displayed, if any dependency param is defined in Iview 
  • Login to the application with SSO and try to approve workflow notification in same browser, the SSO login buttons not shown in workflow notification page. 
  • Dynamic Search Option in item code, Search popup is not shown in vertical scroll and disable next icon… either one is required to see the all the items as per the filter. 
  • GetSourceImage function not working in web Axpert. In web tablename for the image field is getting “\” character in the table name additionally, due to this the required data is not getting selected.