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Photos & Image fields

Select a photo or image field. There can be more than one image field in a form. These are stored in database tables by default.
The name of the table will be transid+fieldname of image field.
For example if the form name is “form1” and the image field name is “MyPhoto”, the table will be Form1MyPhoto. Image fields cannot be used only in grid DC.

Agile developer lowcode Image Fields

In the run site an upload field is provisioned.

Agile developer lowcode Upload Field

axpimageserver & axpimagepath are application variables in which the server and file path where the photos stored are provided. If these variables are defined, then the images will not be stored in DB tables but in the given path in the given server. The files will be stored under the transid folder under the given file path. The file will be named as recordid+fieldname+the file extension.

Digital signature

To add a field that can accept digital signatures, create an image field with “sig_” prefix. For example

Agile developer lowcode Image Field

In the run site, a field to insert a signature is provided.

Agile developer lowcode Digital SignaturesClick on the icon to add the signature manually. Click on the right mark at the bottom to save the signature


Agile developer lowcode Signatures

Try Out

Upload employee Photos in the Axbox employee form that can be used during document verification and ID creation.

Agile developer lowcode Upload Employee Photos