Agile Developer release01






This Release Contains below mentioned Features, Enhancements and Fixes


1. Apply custom HTML on Forms- Using custom HTML you can customize the interface of a Form, user can make html changes in existing tstruct html and css.

2. Disabled Node and its dependent functionalities as well as improve login time- Node and its dependent functionalities can be disabled by setting NodeAPI value=”” in web.config file.

3. Some API’s are provided for getting data from axpert and enhance the user interface.

4. Encrypt DB Password-Password

5. Dynamic Captions for field in GRID DC. Using Action with On Field Exit Event.


Define formcontrol action with command as set caption.

Bug Fixes

  1. In Iviews, if user place cursor over params then instead of field name it is display caption name, it should show caption name.
  2. In Axpert Hybrid application, On form load action fields should be hidden as per defined action.
  3. In IOS hybrid app, Device status bar and application menu bar is overlapping.
  4. Axpert Hybrid Android & IOS, Precise GEO location is not available.
  5. In Fillgrid, not able to attach files after filling the data.
  6. In grid row if we attach more files then file name should show like “1+” (numbers of files with file names).
  7. In pop-up grid,once we open record in edit mode and closing the popup,attached files are not showing properly.
  8. If user is not attaching any file then also if user is loading record from list view its showing ‘1+’ symbol.
  9. In POPUP Grid, without opening record in edit, if user directly deleting attached file from grid row then its not getting deleted.
  10. After returning any request check workflow text and ‘L1’ workflow action button is not showing.
  11. For fields which is having numeric datatype , alignment should be on right side of the field . Currently if focus is there then only data is showing on right side , if user clicks outside the field then again value is showing on left side.
  12. In POPUP Grid, picklist refresh and search icons are not aligned.
  13. Autocomplete and Date field are showing scroll bar in design mode.
  14. Hybrid mobile application, UI of next and previous button should be aligned properly.
  15. In Advance search, Reset and Cancel buttons are overlapping.
  16. UI of “SQL editor” and “Expression Editor” is not good.
  17. In wizard based dc page, all the fields and grid option dropdown are not aligned properly.
  18. Tstruct autocomplete field,last value is not clearly visible.
  19. In Arabic language, radio buttons are overlapping on ‘camera’ and ‘file’.
  20. In Arabic language, iview ‘options’ button dropdown is not showing the values properly.
  21. Condition based color and font change given in the column properties for an iview not working in web.
  22. When we define the attachment path and attached file field in the grid, then path is appearing in attached field.
  23. From To-Do-List if we load transaction then for loaded transaction ‘Select dropdown’ is working to perform workflow action ,but if user navigate to next record by using next button then ‘select dropdown’ is not working.
  24. On form load action some fields are hidden through actions ,but after saving transaction its showing those fields on screen. Also If user selects data from fillgrid , then also hidden fields are showing in grid.
  25. If 2nd level is saving record then it will go to 3rd level user , if 3rd level user loads the same record from to-do-list then its showing error “Cannot read property ‘lno’ of undefined”.
  26. If we select data from fillgrid then,if user is doing clear data then third row is not getting cleared.
  27. In POPUP Grid, If user opens record in edit mode , navigate to next record then after navigating to next record check now “Next and Prev buttons are not working. Also after getting this scenario popup is getting disabled , unable to perform any action on popup.
  28. In POPUP Grid, After adding rows in grid if user clicks on new button , after that again adding new rows in grid and opening in edit mode then check Grid rows UI is breaking.
  29. From fillgrid if user selects data , then in third row if we click on dropdown then refresh icon is is not aligned properly.
  30. In POPUP Grid, After attaching file automatically popup is getting closed.
  31. In POPUP Grid, One record opened in edit mode and attaching file, after that if click on grid rows then for other rows popup is not opening.
  32. In POPUP Grid, Adding new row in grid with attachment then added records are not showing in grid. Once again if we click on add row then row is showing in grid.
  33. Based on advance configuration “saveimage in db” if enable for the tstruct,tstruct image should save in db even if the axpimagepath exist.
  34. In Advanced settings, Load reports/lists along with form functionality is not working for reports ,hyperlink should open in right pane.
  35. In grid dc, “ADD”, “Clear Data” and fillgrid option should be on mouse hover.
  36. In TABBED DC, checklist and radio button are showing data twice. it should show only once.
  37. Change password should be based on new UI.
  38. In hybrid mobile, if user is adding more than 2 numbers of rows and try to change the values of rows, then after that if user is changing value of another row then the SNO is getting changed.And after that if user is trying to clear the grid rows it is not clearing the rows, last edited row is not getting clear.
  39. If user opens grid row in edit mode then serial numbers are showing wrong in grid row.
  40. if user is attaching file which is having long file name then while attaching the file it is not closing the upload popup. And if number of files are more than one then not able to see the attached file name, but files are getting attached.
  41. After loading record from listview if user is deleting the file then file is not removing from the fileserver.
  42. While filling data(attachment files) from fillgrid, it should not show the file name. It should show the filename on click of the number of files icon.
  43. In Axpert Hybrid application, After attaching file in grid , unable to read file name .Background color or Text color needs to be change.
  44. When we define the attachment path and attachment in the grid, then attachment path is also appearing like a attachment with attach symbol. It should come in path as we defined with accept SQL. This should work in normal grid and popup grid.
  45. If user delete any row from grid then updated/calculated values are not updating in summary grid fields.
  46. Axpert interface page added for tstruct savedata, get sql data, load iview & open tstruct.
  47. In advance setting “Excel Export” property is not working.
  48. In Mobile app, in HomePage Slick Group UI of RSS Feed data is overlapping.
  49. Not able to create page in page builder, it is throwing error message “Error in decryption of parameterstypeerror: cannot read property ‘trim’ of undefine”