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HTML Plug-ins

HTML Plug-ins

HTML pages can be added to Axpert. These pages can be accessed from the Axpert menu.

Use the HTML pages option on Axpert developer site.

Click on the New button to start defining a new HTML page

Set an appropriate caption and upload image files that are required for the HTML in the “Upload images” property definition.

The code snippet can be entered in the HTML editor that is found in the next section. Add an HTML code snippet as the one demonstrated below.

Use the buttons Add CSS and Add JS to add CSS and JS files at the bottom right to include relevant styling pages.
Create a CSS page as below

The created CSS pages are automatically referenced in the HTML as shown.

When you add another CSS page

The reference to the second CSS page is also updated in the HTML.

Axpert API functions can be used in Javascript files. Refer to the Axpert API section to know about Axpert API that may be used in your Javascript files.

Check Out this video to know about HTML Plug-ins