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Axpert Licensing

According to the current business model / necessity, the licencing has been changed from 10.9 Product Version to introduce the Instance / Server Based licence.
The following are the primary functional changes in the new license model:

  1. For restricted user licenses, the named user’s validation is removed and the concurrent logins check is added.
  2. Screening for product codes has been removed.

As a result, Axpert Desktop, Web, and Developer/Build licenses have been divided into three categories.

  1. Evaluation License
  2. Partner’s License
  3. License for the desktop
  4. Web-based License
  5. Site License

All the above License Editions are the same as the existing license editions except for the following.
Desktop Edition (ALM Required)
This license edition is considered schema / project-based licensing, and it is the same as the previous version End-user license Edition.

  1. In the case of the desktop version, any machine in the end-user LAN will be registered with Agile, as will the web server in the case of the web version. As a usual approach, all machines do not need to be registered.
  2. End users will be licensed based on any one or more of the following
    • number of users
    • number of tstructs, iviews
    • expiry date
    • number of transactions

  • To run Axpert Apps as Desktop Projects, you’ll need an Axpert Desktop license.
  • The Axpert Desktop license is based on the DB Schema. Each Project requires its own license activation.
  • Axpert Web Apps can also be used to browse those projects.
  • Any machine in the end-user LAN (this machine is expected to function 24 hours a day, seven days a week). So, in the event of a desktop application, the ideal machine would be a DB Server, and in the case of a web application, the Web Server or DB Server would be registered with Agile. ALM must be installed in this machine for this to work.
  • This version of Axpert does not require that all computers be registered.
  • End users will be licensed based on any one or more of the following:
    • Number of users
    • Number of users
    • Expiry date
    • Number of transactions. End users will also have an option to top up once they reach the transaction limit after making a payment.

Web Edition (Server Based)
As part of the new business model, this is the new license edition that was released with the 10.9 Axpert version. The following are the characteristics of the server/instant-based license edition.

  • This license is based on the App Server. Activation of licenses by project/scheme is not necessary.
  • This edition allows you to deploy an unlimited number of Projects/Axpert websites on a server.
  • For this Edition, the App Server must have in-memory DB Redis connectivity.
  • In the case of limited user licensing, the number of active logins across projects/schemas will be limited.
  • All license parameters would be applied to all Server-based Projects.

  1. The newly introduced Web license would be working based on below web.config keys with proper values.
  2. < add key=”axpLic_RedisIp” value=””/>
    < add key=”axpLic_RedisPass” value=””/>
    Ex.: agile.01
    Note: [axpLic_RedisIp should be ]

  3. Web license redis setup:
    • Duplicate file to and change following property values
      • dbfilename (Ex.: axplic_dump.rdb)
      • port (Ex.: 6380)
      • requirpass (if required)
    • Following commands needs to run.
      • Redis-server –service-install –service-name axplic_redis
      • Redis-server –service-start –service-name axplic_redis
  4. If the web license key is for limited user then following variable should added in system environment variable
  5. Variable name: “axpLic_RedisIp”
    Variable value: Ex.: