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Axpert Licensing

10.x (9.8 – 10.8)
The following list of license editions is available for usage with Axpert versions 9.8 through 10.8.

  1. Evaluation Edition– Allows users to develop and use an app. The app will allow the entry of only 500 records in any form in the app. Subsequently, only 10 transactions per session will be allowed. The time starting from the login of a user to the logout of a user is called a session. This will work only for 30 days.
  2. Partner Edition– This is intended for partners desiring to develop apps/products for their customers. New apps/products can be developed. The usage restrictions of an evaluation copy are applied. This license needs to be renewed every year. A partner license is tied to the machine. It will get auto-validated with the Agile server every month
  3. Developer Edition– Intended for end-user companies who need the customizing capability of their app. This will work only on the app licensed to the customer. It can also connect to the app prefixed with Dev_ or Test_. When connected to this instance, the transaction restriction will be applied to these instances. These are intended to be used as development and test instances. No new application can be developed.
  4. End-user Edition– Apps developed on Axpert need end user licenses to run as a full version. Any one machine in the end user LAN in case of a desktop version and the web server in case of a web version will be registered with Agile. All machines need not be registered as in the current practice. End users will be licensed based on any one or more of the following.
    • number of users
    • number of tstructs, iviews
    • expiry date
    • number of transactions.
  5. Distributor Edition– There are partners who pay an annual fee and enroll as gold or silver partners. These partners are allowed free distribution of a limited version of Axpert run time. The limited version restricts the number of transactions that may be entered by the end user. The limited version of Axpert is licensed through a distributor license. It is the same as end user license but with a transaction restriction. End users will also have the option to top up once they reach the limit after making a payment. An option to affect the top-up will be available to LC and the customer in ALM.
  6. Site Edition– This is a license that is given to remote locations that are connected to a central location through Axpert data router. This is the same as the end-user license but is tied to one main instance named the central location. This cannot run without a periodic connection with the central location.
  7. >Processor Edition– This is the same as end user license but without any limit on the number of transactions or users.

To activate 10.x licenses

Evaluation & Partner Edition licenses will be tied up with individual system ids and no additional steps are required.
All other type of Axpert License Editions (End User, Developer, Distribution, Site and Processor Editions) would be storing in the concerned Axpert Schemas (table: axliccontrol) and activating in every individual system is not necessary. But Axpert uses a windows service application “ALM (Axpert License Manager)”, which needs to be installed and configured in one of the system (Preferably application server) which is supposed to be ON by 24/7 in the LAN.

10.9 and Above

The main functional changes in new license model are as follows.

  1. Named users to check is removed and concurrent logins check introduced for limited user licenses.
  2. Removed product code checking.
  3. Accordingly, Axpert Desktop, Web, and Developer/build licenses have been categorized as follows.

    • Evaluation License
    • Partner License
    • Desktop License
    • Web License
    • Site License

To activate 10.9/11 licenses

  1. Evaluation, Partner License, and Site License are the same as in previous versions.
  2. Web License: This is an App Server-based license. Project/Schema wise license activation not required. ‘N’ no. of Projects/Axpert web sites can be deployed on the server by using this edition. In-Memory DB Redis connectivity is a must in App Server for this Edition. No. of active logins will be restricted across projects/schemas in case of limited user licenses. To activate, below are the steps.
    • Add below web.config keys with proper values.
      • <add key=”axpLic_RedisIp” value=””/> Ex.:
      • <add key=”axpLic_RedisPass” value=””/> Ex.: agile.01
    • Setup Redis license service:
      • Duplicate file to and change the following property values
        1. dbfilename (Ex.: axplic_dump.rdb)
        2. port (Ex.: 6380)
        3. requirpass (if required)
    • Following commands needs to run.
    • If the web license key is for the limited user, then the following variable should add to system environment variable
      • Variable name: “axpLic_RedisIp”
      • Variable value:<portno> Ex.: