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How to set up a Thermal printer 80 mm with Fast Reports ?

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Fast report's page setting needs to be updated correctly.

You need to select the correct paper size from the printer driver settings instead of custom.

Please verify the below configurations,

  • ZKP8008 printer / desired thermal printer should be a default printer 
  • Go to the selected printer properties and check paper size (in the General / Device Settings Tab).

Other properties also will be available there. You can do the required settings there. (printer-2.png)

In Fast report designer ,

Report - > Properties - > PrintOptions ->

Set Printer to Default or ZKP8008 (desired printer)


In Fastreport designer,

File -> Page settings -> Paper Tab Set proper page size and margins.


(Note: Printer driver must be installed on the machine where you are designing the Fast report, then only you will get the printer name and paper size.)