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Migrating dashboard pages from 10.x to Axpert 11

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Page builder and Widget builder interfaces are no longer available in Axpert 11. Instead, Axpert cards are introduced to display them as widgets on the application’s main page.  The points below will explain the ways of retaining and maintaining the old dashboard pages that are built-in 10.x after migrating to Axpert 11.

    1. Using node app
      • Add the following web.config keys like in earlier versions pointing to the node app



    1. Using axpert web services (without node app)


      • Enable Homepage as Cards = false in Global settings
      • Enable this web.config key: < add key="homepagews" value="true"/>
      • Set both homepage and dhomepage fields in axusers / axusergroups as shown image-1
      • If there were any images used on widgets, then copy the images to "webcode\{customfolder}\WidgetImages\"

The above settings will help run the same dashboard page(s) defined in 10. x as is. If any changes to be done, we can connect the 10.9 web instance to the same schema and modify the pages.