Axpert Desktop Installation

Axpert Desktop Installation

This document explains the procedure to install Axpert 10.1 application us­ing Axpert Installer.

Using Axpert Installer, user can install the latest version of Axpert applica­tion, such as Version 10.1 to
the target system.

Sections of this chapter:

1.1 Installation Requirements 

1.2 Configuring Axpert 

1.1 Installation Requirements

•  Webserver : Internet Information Services (IIS)

•  Database   : Oracle (server or client)/My SQL/SQL server/Maria DB

bulbico_5.png Make sure, your system is compatible
with the database versions.

1.2 Configuring Axpert

1. Run Axpert.exe from AxpertWebScripts folder available in your local drive.

2. If you are an Axpert Developer and you have existing project, then click the Connect to an Axpert
 button and skip Step 3.

3. If you are new to Axpert and do not have any project, then click the Cre­ate a New Axpert


If you get any error as DLL not compatible with your database, use the re­spective DLLs from the relevant
database\bin directory. If your issue is still not resolved, then copy the respective
database DLLs from AXPERT_HOME\Ax­pertWeb\AxpertWebScripts\Supporting DLLs

In the above syntax,

AXPERT_HOME is the location where your Axpert files are installed in your local drive.

4. Enter all the database details related to your Application. You will be re­directed to Axpert login page.

5. If you want Evaluation Licence for 30 days, then select Evaluation Edi­tion, enter Organization name and
click the Activate button and skip
Step 6.

6. If you have Axpert Licence, then select Purchased licence Edition, then
enter Organization name and Licence key and then click
the Acti­vate button.