Axpert Web Installation

Axpert Web Installation

You must complete the installation and configuration tasks in the following order:

1. Run Axpert web installer on your system

2. Perform all post installation tasks and upgrade tasks


Types of Installation

The table below describes the types of Axpert web installation:

Installation TypesDescription
Basic installationThis option represents the basic Axpert installation, which installs the software from an installer.Once the software is installed, you must perform the post installa­tion tasks to complete the process.
Manual installationThis option is used only if you use the following operating systems:• Microsoft Windows 8• Windows 8.1• Windows server 2012• Windows server 2012 R2If you use one of the above mentioned operating systems, you must complete the configuration steps and then perform the post installation tasks.
Post upgrade tasksThese tasks are to be followed post upgradation of the software.