This guide explains how to install and configure Axpert X application:

Sections of this chapter:

• Audience 

 Documentation Accessibility 

• Documentation Conventions 


Axpert X installation guide is intended for anyone responsible for installing Axpert X.

Documentation Accessibility

Accessibility deals with individual stories. Accessibility at Agile Labs refers to the possibility for everyone, especially visually impaired people. Agile Labs Axpert™ is partial complaint with section 508. The Axpert X helps the customers to build objects on fly with minimal developer’s effort. Agile Labs strives to improve usability of our products through a variety of meth­ods. To exemplify our commitment to customers, impacted by disabilities, Agile Labs is working towards the goal of meeting web accessibility initia­tive and US section 508 standards.

At Agile Labs, we are proud to say that making our Axpert X work for many people continues to be a high priority. According to the World Health Or­ganization (WHO), there are roughly 650 billion people with disabilities worldwide in 2017. There is a growing global awareness of the require­ments of people with disabilities, but this does not mean all countries have similar concept of accessibility.

Apart from out of the box platform features, users with specific disabilities might ask for additional personalization options, or certain parameters need to be configured to enable the right features. End user documenta­tion in Agile labs will have information on keyboard shortcuts and other ac­cessible alternatives.

Documentation Conventions

The following conventions are used in this document:

bulbico.png Key pointers, in the form of notes, to help you use this application effectively and efficiently are provided throughout this guide. You can recognize a note when you come across a new paragraph in with this symbol.  
BoldfaceBoldface type indicates graphical user interface elements associ­ated with an action, or terms defined in text.
monospace.jpg Monospace type indicates commands within a paragraph, URLs, code in examples, text that appears on the screen, or text that you enter.
italicItalic type indicates book titles, emphasis, or placeholder variables for which you supply particular values.